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ACS rural listserv: An “underdog” success story(Comments Off)

July 1, 2014

The rural listserv—which is the focus of this month’s column—has successfully connected rural surgeons as a group while also engaging them with the ACS leadership.

The March 2013 National Congress of Surgical Residents, hosted by the University of Rosario in Argentina: Maria Jose Dominguez, MD, president of the Congress (fifth from left); Dr. Pellegrini (fifth from right); Dr. Ledesma (second from right); Dr. Acosta (far right); and residents.

Rural surgery is a global issue: The perspective of an Argentine surgeon

The challenges and benefits of practicing surgery in rural Argentina are highlighted in this column.

Students need exposure to the joys of rural surgery

Overcoming barriers to recruiting rural surgeons are addressed in this article, including mentoring, exposing students to rural career earlier in their careers, and recruiting more students from rural backgrounds.

Figure 1: Geography and population demographics of Canada

Rural surgery in “The Great White North”— universal care or universal challenge?

Access to timely, affordable, and quality surgical care is an ongoing challenge for Canadians, particularly those individuals living in rural communities. This column highlights several factors that affect the provision of rural surgical services in Canada, including training, certification and licensing issues, and challenges related to recruitment and retention.

Rural surgical practice requires new training model, offers great opportunities

Rural surgeons should be capable of providing emergency care for specialty surgical problems as well as for general surgery conditions. Several educational opportunities are currently available for residents to develop a wide range of skills, and this column provides an overview of some of these training models, including rural surgery rotations, dedicated training tracks, the immersion approach, and fellowship opportunities.

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