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Coding and Practice Management

ACS responds to frequently asked questions about CPT coding(0)

September 1, 2019

This column responds to some frequently asked Current Procedural Terminology coding questions posed to the ACS Coding Hotline.

Coding and Practice Management

Correct CPT coding of colectomy procedures: Open or laparoscopic?

This column provides information that should clear up the uncertainty about how to correctly code laparoscopic colectomy procedures.

Coding and Practice Management

Modifier 51 or 59? How to correctly report multiple procedures

The correct use of modifiers 51 and 59 are explained, including case examples featuring clinical scenarios with correct coding.

Coding and Practice Management

Reap the benefits of attending a 2019 ACS Surgical Coding Workshop

An overview of ACS surgical coding workshops, including topics covered at the sessions and registration information, is provided.

Coding and Practice Management

CPT coding for hepatobiliary surgery

This column identifies several frequently asked questions about coding for liver surgery and the correct coding responses.

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