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RPI can be used to improve surgical care(Comments Off on RPI can be used to improve surgical care)

November 1, 2015

The Targeted Solutions Tool is an online application that may be used by project leaders to engage in process improvement in hand hygiene, hand-off communication, safe surgery, and other areas.

High reliability science and surgery: The Joint Commission’s Robust Process Improvement methodology

How surgeons can apply high reliability concepts, such as The Joint Commission’s Robust Process Improvement methodology, is the focus of this month’s column.


Safety culture is a great fit for the OR

To create a culture of safety in the OR, surgeons need to establish a nonthreatening environment that eliminates the traditional hierarchy.

Addressing surgeon fatigue and sleep deprivation

Contributing factors that can result in surgeon fatigue, including insufficient staffing and extended workdays, are summarized in this month’s column, as are suggestions for preventing this condition including implementing a fatigue management plan.


TST: The right operation, on the right patient, in the right location

This month’s column provides an update of The Targeted Solutions Tool for Safe Surgery.

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