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Dr. Turner and her daughters

Looking Forward – March 2015(Comments Off)

March 1, 2015

The revitalized ACS Operation Giving Back program, under the direction of new Medical Director Girma Tefera, MD, FACS, is the focus of Dr. Hoyt’s column this month.

Omnibus per artem fidemque prodesse

The ACS motto: What does it really mean?

The origins of the ACS seal and motto are the subject of this month’s column.

Managing medication in ambulatory surgery centers

Steps for developing an effective and safe medication management system at ambulatory surgery centers are summarized in this month’s article.

Percent of Self-Pay by Year

Affordable trauma care?

This month’s column looks at how provisions in the Affordable Care Act are affecting access to care for Americans as a whole and considers the potential effects on trauma care specifically.

The Great Mace

Looking Forward – February 2015

The strategic partnership between the ACS and U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System, which aims to improve educational and research capabilities for both parties, is summarized in this month’s column.

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