We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

Bulletin January 2018January 2018

Volume 103, Issue 1

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  • Reimbursement changes in 2018
    • The 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule: An overview of provisions that will affect surgical practice
    • 2018 CPT coding changes
  • The 2017 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest: An introduction
  • First-place essay: Gravitas
  • Highlights of Clinical Congress 2017
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee


Bulletin February 2018February 2018

Volume 103, Issue 2

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  • Lessons learned from 2017 Atlantic hurricane season are summarized
  • The 2017 Olga M. Jonasson Lecture, delivered by Kathryn D. Anderson is presented
  • Efforts to improve cancer resection specimens are described
  • Outlines the origins and evolution of the scalpel
  • 2017 ACS state legislative priorities are explored


Bulletin March 2018March 2018

Volume 103, Issue 3

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  • A collection of features explores the legacy and future of ATLS
  • The second year of QPP, including noteworthy changes regarding nonparticipation, is discussed
  • Lessons learned from the Las Vegas mass shooting are described
  • New ACS CQGS course looks at best practices in geriatric surgical care



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