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ACS task force and FSC offer online case scenario on IPV

The ACS Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Task Force recently partnered with the ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum to develop an online case scenario on IPV.

Dr. Sachdeva (center) with Dr. Jeffrey Levy, interim ISE executive director (left), and Dr. Martin Martino, ISE board member

Dr. Sachdeva receives honors for surgical education

Dr. Sachdeva, Director of the ACS Division of Education, is recognized for his work in surgical education.

Coming next month in JACS and online now: Firearm legislation stringency and firearm-related fatalities among children in the United States

Researchers report that that strict firearms legislation and child access prevention laws are associated with fewer pediatric firearm fatalities.

ACS News

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This summary provides excerpts from external media outlets covering ACS activities and initiatives from February through May 2019.


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