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Professor Makuuchi

Professor Makuuchi

Prof. Masatoshi Makuuchi is a general surgeon from Tokyo, Japan. He was born and raised in Tokyo.

Professor Makuuchi received his medical degree in 1973 from the University of Tokyo, the top medical school in Japan. Since then, he has remained at the University of Tokyo and related institutions. He moved up the academic ladder, chairing the surgical department, and has been the president of many surgical societies and has held honorary professorships and fellowships both in Japan and internationally.

Professor Makuuchi’s remarkable contributions in surgery are too many to list here; therefore, allow me to summarize his most significant clinical and academic achievements. Professor Makuuchi was the number one pioneer of intraoperative ultrasound. In late 1970s, he developed ultrasound probes specifically for use during hepatic resection for hepatoma. My former mentor, the late Bernard Sigel, MD, FACS, was the pioneer of intraoperative ultrasound in the U.S., and both Drs. Makuuchi and Sigel, together with the late Lloyd Nyhus, MD, FACS, were the key persons to advocate, encourage, and support the general use of ultrasound by surgeons as a future potential surgical tool, even in the early 1980s.

Professor Makuuchi created many innovative surgical procedures, ultrasound-guided hepatic resections, and transplantations. Over many years, he continued academic surgical works, including basic and clinical research. He was an excellent educator and many active hepatic surgeons in Japan are his former students and residents. His contributions to hepatic surgery are evident not only in Japan, but around the world. He visited many developed and developing countries and invited foreign surgeons to his institute to teach them his innovative techniques.

Professor Makuuchi is a distinguished surgeon, educator, and researcher, as well as a world-renowned leader, which is evidenced in his service as professor emeritus at Tokyo University and his recent appointment to president of the Towa Hospital.

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