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Metropolitan Chicago Chapter. Dr. Blair and Dr. Drueck represented the chapter at the Malcolm X College Health Career Day.

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Metropolitan Chicago Chapter. The winning residents from Mount Sinai Medical Center, Chicago, included Ethan Taub, DO,* Kirstin Howell, MD,* Brian Keyashian, MD,* and Stephen Wise, MD, FACS.

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Japan Chapter leaders and members, left to right: Kazuhiko Yoshida, MD, FACS, Secretary; Dr. Kazumi Kawase, MD, FACS; Dr. Numann; Nobuhiko Tanigawa, MD, FACS, Governor; Katsuhiko Yanaga, MD, PhD, FACS, President; Prof. Tatsuo Yamakawa, MD, FACS, former Governor; and Kyoichi Takaori, MD, FACS, former Secretary.

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Peru Chapter, left to right: Juan Jaime Herrera Matta, MD, President, General Surgeons Peruvian Society; Dr. Eastman; David Ortega, MD, FACS, Chapter Governor; and Danilo Bambaren Gastelumendi, MD, FACS, Chapter President.

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South Dakota Chapter, front row, left to right: James R. Reynolds, MD, FACS (1986–1987); Samir Z. Abu-Ghazaleh, MD, FACS (1994–1995); Gail M. Benson, MD, FACS (1989–1990); Ed Gerrish, MD, FACS (2002–2004 and 2006–2008); Gary L. Timmerman, MD, FACS (1997–1998); Greg A. Schultz, MD, FACS (2001–2002); and Terry L. Alstiel, MD, FACS (1995–1996). Middle row: Dr. Andreone (1998–1999); Dennis G. Leland, MD, FACS (2004–2006); Mary Milroy, MD, FACS (1996–1997 and 2010–2012); Edward J.S. Picardi, MD, FACS (1999–2000); Harold E. Fromm, MD, FACS (1991–1992); and Patrick S. McGreevy, MD, FACS (1977–1978). Back row: Gregg M. Tobin, MD, FACS (2000–2001); Jerome A. Eckrich, Jr., MD, FACS (1990–1991); Myles E. Tieszen, MD, FACS (2006); and Wade E. Dosch, MD, FACS (2008–2010).

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South Florida Chapter. Seated, left to right: Dr. Thorson, Dr. Van Haren, Dr. Wietfeldt, Ms. Goukasova, Dr. Albuja-Cruz, and Dr. Farra. Standing: Dr. Maya, Dr. Husain, Dr. Boutros, Dr. Elmessiry, Dr. Reategui, and Dr. Radkani.

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West Virginia Chapter. Seated, left to right: Robert A. Gustafson, MD, FACS, Governor; Gene D. Duremdes, First Vice-President; Eric Hopkins, MD, FACS, President; Richard A. Vaughan, MD, FACS, President-Elect, and Frederick C. Martinez, MD, FACS, Councilor. Standing: Todd A. Witsberger, MD, FACS, Councilor; Curtis W. Harrison, MD, FACS, Councilor; Bryan K. Richmond, MD, FACS, Second Vice-President; Eric P. Mantz, MD, FACS, Secretary/Treasurer; Ms. Sharon Bartholomew, Administrator; Charles Alan Tracy, MD, FACS, Past-President; Roger E. King, MD, FACS, Past Governor; Patrick A. Stone, MD, FACS, Councilor; Rebecca S. Wolfer, MD, FACS, COT Chair; Hannah W. Hazard, MD, FACS, CoC Chair; and C. Phillip Polack, MD, MA, FACS, Past Governor.

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Peru Chapter cohosts Congress

The General Surgeons Peruvian Society and the Peru Chapter of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) cohosted the VIII Congress, which took place in March in Lima. More than 680 surgeons attended the scientific education event, which featured 14 trauma surgeons from Latin America, Spain, and the U.S.
A. Brent Eastman, MD, FACS, the College’s President-Elect, presented three lectures, as well as an update on ACS activities and programs (see photo).

Japan Chapter meets in Chiba City

The Japan Chapter of the ACS conducted an education program this April in conjunction with the Japan Surgical Society. Patricia J. Numann, MD, FACS, the College’s President, met with Japan Chapter members, the Japan Association of Women Surgeons, and presented the lecture, “Inspiring and Assuring Quality.” Elections for the Japan Chapter also were held (see photo).

Metropolitan Chicago Chapter hosts Surgical Jeopardy, supports career fair

On May 4, the Metropolitan Chicago Chapter of the ACS hosted its annual meeting, which included a Jeopardy contest for surgical residents. Later that month, the chapter supported a health-occupations career day at Malcolm X College in Chicago, IL. Elizabeth A. Blair, MD, FACS, and Charles Drueck III, MD, FACS, both chapter council members, met with many high school students during the event and shared a video of laparoscopic surgery with the students (see photos).

South Dakota Chapter observes 60th anniversary

The South Dakota Chapter of the ACS conducted its 60th annual meeting this April, in Watertown. The event, which nearly 70 members from North and South Dakota Chapters attended, included guest speakers Robert Bahnson, MD, FACS, the College’s First Vice-President (see article about Dr. Bahnson), and Timothy D. Sielaff, MD, FACS, a member of the ACS Board of Governors. A total of 17 Past-Presidents of the South Dakota Chapter participated in the 60th anniversary celebrations (see photo). Peter A. Andreone, MD, FACS, a cardiothoracic surgeon in Sioux Falls, was instrumental in contacting these South Dakota Chapter leaders.

Chapter anniversaries

Month Chapter Anniversary
July Southwest MissouriNew Jersey

Keystone (PA)

West Virginia




August GeorgiaHawaii


Brooklyn-Long Island, NY

Northwest Pennsylvania

Rhode Island







South Florida Chapter residents compete for prizes

The South Florida Chapter’s 23rd Annual Fellow, Resident, and Medical Student Surgical Research Forum Paper Competition took place this April at the University of Miami. The event featured cash prizes, which were distributed among the following individuals (see photo):

Surgical Research: First prize: Antonio Maya, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida. Second prize: Robert Van Haren, MD, University of Miami. Third prize: Mohammed Elmessiry, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Clinical Surgery: First prize: Tarik Husain, MD, University of Miami. Second Prize: Marylise Boutros, MD, Cleveland Clinic Florida. Third prizes: Chad Thorson, MD, University of Miami; Josefina Farra, MD,* University of Miami; Dawn Wietfeldt, MD,* Cleveland Clinic Florida; Katerina Goukasova, MSIII, University of Miami; Pejman Radkani, MD,* Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL; Maria Albuja-Cruz, MD,* University of Miami; and Cesar Reategui, MD,* Cleveland Clinic Florida.

West Virginia Chapter honors Dr. Copeland and Dr. Codman

During the May 10–12 annual meeting, the West Virginia Chapter members honored the late Charles L. Copeland, MD, FACS, by awarding him honorary membership in the West Virginia Chapter. Dr. Copeland, who hailed from Pittsburgh, was a regular supporter and presenter at the West Virginia Chapter. Also, the chapter members initiated an effort to provide a grave marker for Ernest H. Codman, MD, FACS (1869–1940). So far, nearly $1,000 has been collected. In addition, new officers were elected (see photo).

New Chapter Managers

Recently, two chapters have hired new managers. The Oklahoma Chapter will be managed by Jennifer Starkey, president, Key Management Solutions, Inc., based in Columbus, OH.

The Minnesota Chapter will be managed by Nonie Lowry, president and director, LP etc., Inc., based in Leawood, KS.

*Denotes Associate Fellow, Medical Student, or Resident membership in the College.


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